For the non-gambler and non-all-day-drinker, heading to Las Vegas for a few days can still be a great trip!

My #1 husband (aka Jarrett) and I recently had a free trip to Vegas – 3 days/4 nights at a resort just off the strip.

We thought it would be fun…but because it was last minute and unexpected, we didn’t have a big budget.

Our plan, since we aren’t big on gambling or drinking – was to rent a vehicle and day trip for hikes etc. The day of our arrival, the plan was dinner, Walmart to stock up on snacks and breakfast items (since we had a kitchenette in our room) and explore the strip a little.

What we didn’t expect was for a $50 car rental to end up costing $300+ with insurance and holding fee. We decided to decline the car rental and ate that $50 (as hard as it was).

With no vehicle, we had to be inventive. Which we did – thankfully. I’d spent time before our trip reading blogs and searching sites for ideas. I found some free shuttle that took us beyond the strip (which was great).

After 4 days, we decided on the following: if were were to come back for a vacation, we would stay off the strip, be better prepared for the car rental and get out of Dodge as often as we could. We also realized we are more the type who like to explore and get away from the tourist traps.

Bucket List item right here! Looking back, we should have bought a box full of sweet treats!

10 Tips for First Timers in Vegas

Here are 10 Tips for Vegas if it’s your first time and you’re not a gambler or drinker:

  • Care rentals are not cheap. Even if you book via Hotwire for $50, be prepared for the companies to place a $300+ hold on your card. They will also charge you insurance despite showing your own insurance card.
  • Uber is better and cheaper than cabs
  • Be prepared to walk 100,000 steps on the strip (I might be exaggerating slightly).
  • Freemont Street isn’t ‘that’ amazing if you’re not drinking.
  • If you don’t drink or gamble, go explore.
  • One dessert at Carlos Bakery is not enough.
  • If you want to rest your feet, get inside and don’t mind putting up with a 1.5 hrs sales pitch – you can get some great freebies like show tickets, helicopter rides and more.
  • Use the free shuttle bus!
  • People watching is fun.
  • Get off the strip if you are hungry – great food at less the price!