Who doesn’t love a sunny holiday in an exotic location?

I’m certainly one for a sun-soaked getaway and, if you’re the same, I’ve rounded up the top four exotic places to visit in 2019 to add to your travel wish list.

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Los Cabos, Mexico

Nestled at the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, Los Cabosis all about beautiful beaches, natural wonder, and some top-class nightlife if you fancy getting a bit wild once the sun goes down.

With golden sands and gentle lapping waters, spend your days paddle-boarding, jet-skiing, or just kicking back with a cocktail in close proximity to your hotel. When it comes to accommodation, you’ll have your fair share of luxury all-inclusive hotels. What’s more, for the nature lovers amongst us, it has one of the largest national marine parks a mere 60 miles away.


Although it’s a long flight, Bali is well worth the wait.

Coral reefs, breathtaking views, and wonderful beaches help bring the numbers to this Indonesian island each season. Finding your inner zen has never been easier; you can practice yoga on the beach at sunrise, go to a health retreat, or just spend your days admiring the tropical surroundings either on one of the beautiful beaches or from the comfort of your very own private villa, complete with pool. One of the best things? They’re usually very affordable, and you can enjoy a delicious healthy breakfast in the pool each day, too.

It’s not all about the beaches, either; Bali is home to some pretty impressive temples if you head inland – check out a selection of the best in 1cover’s Bali travel guide.

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Anguilla, Caribbean

Of course, I had to include a Caribbean island on the list. Anguilla is home to turquoise warm waters, white sands, and palm trees aplenty. It’s basically screensaver material right in front of your eyes.

The beach life reigns supreme here – if it’s an all-inclusive retreat you’re after then this is the place to come. Head to Rendezvous Bay for the first-class beaches, Sandy Island for snorkelling, and Shoal Bay to spot the beautiful dolphins. Here you’ll also find Fountain Cavern National Park, which boasts historic rock art amongst secret coves and caves.

It’s slightly more pricey than some of the other Caribbean islands, so come out of season if you want more of a bargain.

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Sri Lanka

Boasting intriguing history and simply stunning beaches, it’s no wonder Sri Lanka has continued to grow in popularity during recent years.

This alluring, exotic paradise attracts tourists in numerous ways. Stay on the outskirts and you’ll get the best of the beach life; with hammocks, golden sands, clear waters and boats. If relaxing with a drink in hand on a sun lounger whilst watching the waves is what you’re about, this is certainly the place to do it. Or, for the more adventurous, you can snorkel and surf to your heart’s content.

Venture inland and you’ll be graced with the delights of the national parks and safaris, which are exciting if you’re travelling as a couple, with friends, or even as a family.