There are five must see sights in Ireland that you absolutely can not miss. 

Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher are located in the very west of Ireland, south of Galway and right next to a small fishing village called Doolin in County Clare. Millions arrive in this part of the country every year to witness the majestic cliffs and they are the number one tourist attraction in Ireland. Accessible by tour, bus or independent travel, the cliffs are more than 600 meters high and simply put, an unforgettable sight. If you travel to Ireland at any time in your life, make the Cliffs of Moher your number one priority and ensure that any itinerary it based around this attraction.


Dublin is one of the most interesting, dynamic and atmospheric cities in all of Europe. Home to a captivating history involving Viking invasions, rebellion and literature, there is something here for everyone and the only issue is usually within how long you can afford to stay.

From remnants of the old city walls to haunting stories in Kilmainham prison, the rich character of Dublin will be brought to life as you marvel at the ancient facades around the city. Meanwhile on Baggot Street, a series of plaques and statues are testament to William B. Yeats, Brendan Behan, Patrick Kavanagh and the many other literary greats who walked these streets through the years.

And then there’s Temple Bar for traditional music, Stephens Green for a brief escape from the city and the old Guinness Storehouse where you can enjoy unrivalled views with a pint of the black stuff. Dublin is overflowing with experiences and the locals are friendlier than you could ever expect in another major European city.

This bar is also featured in my favorite book series by Karen Marie Moning and so it’s a definite must see place to add to my bucket list!

Medieval City of Kilkenny

Renowned for being the medieval capital of Ireland, Kilkenny has the technical advantage of being labeled a city but it genuinely feels more like a large town. Country style pubs, quaint cafe’s and a myriad of cobblestone streets find their way throughout the city in between some truly stunning landmarks.

Naturally Kilkenny Castle will top any list in terms of landmarks but honestly, many of the lesser known structures are just as fascinating such as St. Mary’s Cathedral and the enchanting Black Abbey. That being said, St. Canice’s Tower is the hidden gem which most tourists miss out on for the fact that many tour operators often fail to recognize the incredible experience here. Standing at the top town, you can climb to the top of this iconic round tower for incredible views across the medieval city where you can imagine a time long ago, when tribes and kings would walk these city streets.

Blarney Castle

They say when you kiss the Blarney Stone you shall receive a lifelong “Gift of the gab”, meaning you will have the ability to charm anyone in your path with the absolute power of words. That said, this opportunity is merely a fun gimmick and extra incentive to visit Blarney Castle in Cork.

In terms of appearance and general state, few castles in the world are as spectacular as Blarney Castle. From the maids chambers to the Kings Quarters, the structures here are almost spell binding and offer a chance to capture breathtaking photography as well as feeling immersed in an actual fairytale. As mentioned you can absolutely climb to the top of the castle for an encounter with the Blarney Stone itself but regardless, this is one castle and experience you will not want to miss when you travel to Ireland

Glendalough, Wicklow Mountains

Many tourists arrive in search of several famous locations in the Hollywood movie “PS. I love you” and none more so than the opening scene which was filmed in County Wicklow. Glendalough, which translates in English to “The valley of two lakes” is one of the most idyllic valleys in all of Ireland and it lies just a 40 minute drive from Dublin.

Home to an incredibly beautiful monastery, stunning lakes and imposing mountains, Glendalough should be a genuine highlight when you travel to Ireland and it the perfect destination to enjoy hiking or nature in general. In fact, Glendalough is exactly how you might imagine Ireland to look; green, wild and romantic.