Oh… but it’s true! A Christmas market set on the grounds of a castle in Regensburg. This was the first market we went to where you had to pay to get in. They call this the romantic road market and I can see why. You walk along lanes edged with boughs and twinkling lights as you walk past wooden huts that attempt to draw you in with their amazing smells, whether it be food, drink or decorations.

We were there at dusk so we were able to watch as the the lights shone brighter while the sky drew darker and that ‘magical’ feel I loved began. There was music playing everywhere we went, whether it was over the speakers or live and everyone seemed happy, full of laughter and there for a good time.

The stalls contained items I hadn’t seen elsewhere too, which was nice. I think one of my favourites was a basket weaver set in a corner. He created baskets right there in front of you, weaving them while talking with customers. In the inside grounds of the castle was a large tree (I posted a photo). It was here that I ate my first german sausage at a market. I’m not sure what kind of sausage it was, but it was good!

The parking around this town was crazy. Again, our tour guide had to drop us off so he could find a place to park. The town is one to add to your itinerary if you’re able. We stopped at an old church and walked through. It was colder inside the church than outside but it was also very beautiful and slightly different than other churches I’d seen in France or England – it was very dark, only lit by candlelit and the sun which shone through its glass stained windows.

This was our last Christmas market of the trip (not counting the one we’ll see at the airport again) and I’m so glad we ended it with this romantic market set on the grounds of a castle. It added to the magical feel that I have fallen in love with.

This trip has been… amazing. For 5 days of touring, we have managed to pack a lot in. We visited sites that have always been on my list of things to see, I experienced the markets that have been on my list and I have a ton of research now for my story. This is one of those times I was extremely glad I had the hands-on research—there are a lot of things I would have gotten wrong in my story otherwise.