Not gonna lie…I’m a little ‘in love’ with this new patisserie opening in Disney Springs in May (and in case you didn’t know, Amorett means little love in French).

Our last trip to Disney World I made it a goal to visit as many bake shops as I could and try all the delicious treats I could stomach. There were plenty I enjoyed, some I wouldn’t try again but I can promise you this…Amoretti’s Patisserie is probably going to end up as my #1 choice of bakery at Disney – and thankfully you can order their delicious treats!

Since we’re headed there again in December, I think we need to have a special cake waiting for us in our room, don’t you think?

Over on Disney Parks blog, you can find some yummy photos of their cakes and desserts. The moment I saw this one, I asked my oldest if she could make something similar…because yes, she is that good at decorating cakes and yes, I love Minnie (but I totally used the excuse that her youngest sister’s birthday is coming up and she’s an even bigger disney fan than I am…do you think she bought it? Yeah, me neither).

How adorable does this look!


From what I’ve read, we’ll be able to watch the pastry chef’s decorate the cakes in their on-stage finishing kitchen (while sipping champagne and savoring your pastry…or better yet, why not indulge in their sippable chocolate Amorette’s Hot Chocolate Ganache with Chantilly and shaved chocolate). I really hope they offer classes…now that would be a Disney experience I’d remember forever!

I’m looking forward to trying so many things in this patisserie…from the drinking chocolate (which I became a huge fan of after trying some in Paris years ago) to their macarons (I can’t pass up a macaron) to their cakes (of course).

You can bet heading to Disney Springs and checking out Amorett’s Patisserie is something I’ll be adding to my Disney itinerary for December…in fact, I may just ‘need’ to add it to the schedule a few times while we’re there!

If you visit before me…share all the details! I can’t wait to see photos on Instagram or Pinterest of all their sweet treats!

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