Inhale. Deeply. Imagine the first taste of the most delicious croissant or baguette you’ve ever tasted. The way it melts in your mouth due to its buttery goodness. The fresh crisp crunch as you bite down on that bread…Oh Paris, how I love you and your way with bread!

baguette tourEvery morning for breakfast last year we would walk down the street from our hotel, stand in line and wipe away the drool as we stared at all the freshly baked goods at a local boulangerie. When it came to our turn to order we would always try something different (or want to try something different) but couldn’t seem to get away from that baguette smothered in butter and fresh jam.

Seriously, my stomach is rumbling even now when I think about it. When you think of a baguette, throw away all images of those dry and hard pieces you get at a coffee shop or local deli (unless they are hand made). Instead, think of something that is light, crusty, flaky and mouthwatering delicious.

Now that your stomach is rumbling and you’ve got the craving for a fresh baguette…here’s a list of the best places to grab one the next time you’re in Paris! This would be a perfect walking tour if you were in the mood to try them all and the best part – you walk off those buttery calories doing so!Seriously. (Can I say seriously enough for you to get just how serious I am about baguettes in Paris? Don’t even get me started on croissants!)

Don’t believe me? Watch this video – it’s short, sweet and you’ll be begging me for forgiveness for doubting my words, trust me!


  1. Le Grenier a Pain 38 Rue des Abbesses,
    In 2010 and 2015, Le Grenier was voted “best baguette in Paris”, winning the Grand Prix de la Baguette.  This fine establishment deserves the award, and that’s why they deliver bread to the presidential palace!
  2. Du Pain et Des Idees
    34 rue Yves Toudic,
    The Best Baker of Paris 2008, Christophe Vasseur, was elected by the famous gourmet magazine Gault & Millau.  He was also elected Baker of the Year in 2012 in the Pudlo guidebook.
  3. A La Flute Gana
    226 reu de Pyrenees,
    A La Flute Gana has been a family business for 40 yrs. & “Best Craftsman of France ’79).
  4. Au Levain du Marais
    32 Rue de Turenne,
    If you would like to order a delicious sandwich for a take-out picnic lunch then this is the place to get it!  They arguably may also have the best croissant around!
  5. Maison Kayser
    8 Rue Monge & other locations,
    At Maison Kayser they take great care into perfecting the baguette and that is why the President and his wife would have these baguettes at their personal table.
    This is an artisan bakery making fresh bread on the premises, daily. They make 2000 baguettes per day!


Top 10 Winners of Le Meilleur Baguette de Paris competition
The top ten winners of the yearly competition Le Meilleur Baguette de Paris are mapped and listed on the website called, “Paris by Mouth”.