Disney Polynesian Bungalows – are they worth the cost? I’ve been asked that a few times now from people who heard we were headed to Disney World and from those staying on property and eyed the bungalows with envy.

Are they worth the hefty price tag associated with a Disney vacation? I think that depends on how you like to travel. 

Here’s a video I took of the bungalows. We arrived late one night so you’ll have to ignore the luggage and toiletries you’ll see in the bathrooms.

I’ll post my pros and cons list below but first, let me tell you a little about these bungalows.

For a girl who likes to travel in style and a little bit of luxury, I really liked this bungalow. With three teenage daughters, we are well past sleeping in a 2 bedroom queen with a cot and one bathroom (which we did our first night we arrived since we decided to come earlier than expected). We stayed in #7004 and had a great view of the fireworks each night.

The bed in the master suite is king size and super comfy if you like medium/soft beds. There’s a large screen tv, ample dresser space and a small sized closet with more drawers. You can escape out to the back deck where the hammock chairs are if you like, or open the shutters on the doors and watch the fireworks from bed.

The bathroom in the master suite was amazing. AMAZING. Forget about the double vanity sink, the separate toilet area or the LARGE walk in shower with rainfall shower head…I didn’t notice any of that once I saw the air jet bathtub.


It’s a two-man tub but seriously, if you love to take bubble baths, enjoy this baby on your own! The air jets are a treat on their own, the tub is deep (heads up for those with knee problems, you will not enjoy this tub) and a little hard to get out of – they could have used a hand rail to pull yourself up for sure – but it’s all about the experience IN the tub, right?!

The second bedroom has a nice queen size bed, a window bench, tv, closet and a pull-down bed if you have three daughters or two that don’t like to share the bed. There’s a second bathroom just down the hall with a shower/sink and even a separate toilet area.

Yes, there’s a stackable washer/dryer – thank goodness! We packed semi-light knowing we could wash our clothes while here. There’s even a small vacuum and mop/broom to keep things a little tidy.

Now for the kitchen. It’s full and sweet. Microwave, dishwasher, full size fridge with freezer, pull out pantry, coffee machine…now this is important…bring your own coffee and filters. You’ll need the bucket shape filters (not cone) and the best coffee you can enjoy because the coffee they provide is NOT the greatest. There’s a microwave and oven and even a toaster. Basically…everything you need in a kitchen (other than a crockpot) is here.

There’s another large television in the living area along with a box that provides netflix etc – something my teens loved. The couch is comfy too, so enjoy relaxing. There’s a large sliding door to head towards the deck with a sitting area, 2 loungers, 2 hammock chairs and a closed pool.

The bungalow is very nice. Trust me. VERY nice. I enjoyed our eight days here and would come back.

Full disclosure…we are DVC members (Disney Vacation Club members) and the bungalow was booked via points. Is it worth $2000+ a night for this bungalow…that all depends on how YOU like to travel.

-lots of room
-great view of the fireworks
-right on the water
-your own small pool/loungers/outdoor space
-kitchen/washer & dryer
-amazing bathtub & rainfall shower
-device for netflix etc (this was a something my teens loved)
-hawaiian vibe
-right on Disney property – close to parks
-close to boat launch
-beach area next to bungalows

-spiders. LOTS AND LOTS of spiders. For the price per night of these bungalows, I was shocked at the amount of webs in the rooms and outdoors. We had to duck entering the bungalow the first night due to a very LARGE web and same on the back door. I wanted to enjoy the hammock chairs but they were literally wrapped in webs and despite trying to clean them…I finally gave up. From one who has ‘slight’ fear of spiders…this sucked.
-crows. Our mat at the back door was literally COVERED in bird poo. Housekeeping either didn’t bother to clean the back deck area (which was evident with all the spider webs) or a large flock of crows (otherwise known as a murder) congregated at the back door in hopes housekeeping would throw them some food and left symbols of their displeasure.
-boat horns. Because we were right on the water, you could hear the horns of the boats from the time they ran until they ended (normally around midnight). For my husband, who is a very light sleeper – this meant he was up very early and kept waking up at night.
-speakers are really close. The speakers for the fireworks and the nightly water parade are literally right off the back deck so you can hear them…even if you are in bed sleeping (or trying to sleep). Which means, if you have little ones…this isn’t an experience you enjoy especially if you are trying to get them to sleep.
-no late check outs. This might not be something you try to partake in – but because we were in a bungalow I was told they never give late checkouts because it takes almost 3 hours for housekeeping to clean each building. Since we weren’t headed to a park and didn’t need to be at our dinner reservation until later in the afternoon, relaxing for a little longer in the bungalow would have been nice. Not a big deal, but it goes on the con list for me.

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