When it comes to my trips, I like to be organized. Hotel reservations, car rental info, train tickets, travel routes…when it’s all laid out and organized, I find I can travel with a little more ease. In case you’re like me, let me share with you the itinerary I use for all my trips.

I learned early on that having all the info on my phone just doesn’t cut it. The emails might not load when I need them to, I might not have enough data or relying on wifi that isn’t quite strong enough.

I have a 2 step approach. I create a travel planner (or trip itinerary) and bring along a little folder where I print off reservations, details for meetings, tickets etc. I also have a little plastic envelope where I keep all my receipts (which turns up being very handy come tax time).


The folder I bought at Walmart (I’m sure you can pick it up at the Dollar Store) and the envelope is from Staples. Because I need it to be easy, I organize all the sheets according to the trip. Flight info first, then hotels etc. For this trip, everything for Paris (first week) is on one side, Germany trip on the other..simple, right?

Now for the Trip Planner.

This one I’m quite excited about. I looked everywhere online for a trip planner that was simple, had all the info I needed and was pretty to look at.

This planner has a tab for your complete itinerary, reservations, packing supplies and anything else you need. I created tabs for things we have planned in Paris and in Germany, as well as the driving route for our time in Germany so we can explore towns along the romantic road and the wine route.


Here’s a glance at what it looks like.

It’s easy to use, especially if you have a Mac and use Numbers. If you don’t, I’m including a PDF version you can print out and fill in. I tried to export to Excel but the template became all wonky…

I hope you can use this. Have fun and safe travels!

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