Have you ever wanted to cruise but when you took a look at the prices, you decided it was out of your budget? It doesn’t have to be. 

I love cruising. My first time being on a cruise ship was 2014. My husband and I went on a Duck Dynasty Cruise. We paid a lot of money to stay in a very small balcony room on a Carnival cruise ship and walked away from the experience enjoying the idea of a cruise but knowing we’d never want to try Carnival again or a theme cruise.

Since then, I’ve done 5 more cruises. A few with my family (Disney cruises are amazing for families), a Mediterranean Cruise with Celebrity and a writing cruise with Royal Caribbean.

Why do I love cruising so much? Apart from the unlimited food you can eat, the complete relaxation you feel, the time to sleep or sit out in the sun or sit in mini workshops learning about different wines or brandies or art…not to mention the spa and the library and cafes…there’s so much to enjoy. I love to sit in a lounge with a glass of wine and listen to live music, or drink a cup of coffee while reading a book in a quiet area.

I love to cruise because it gives me the peace and quiet my soul needs to refill.

Today I’m on a cruise with Norwegian. It was a last minute decision but I was able to snag a mini-suite on the Pearl – which means a balcony, a coffee maker even a nice size bathroom with a tub I can use. It’s a little outdated but it’s nice.

The normal cost of this room would be $2100. But I went on vacationstogo.com and after joining their site (you just give them your email). On their site they have a 90 day ticker…you can look up all their last minute deals ad they even offer deals on suites. It was by looking at this that I found a cruise that left in 3 days and it only cost me $299.

You read that right. A 5 day cruise with 2 ports, mini-suite and only cost $299.
That’s cheaper than spending the weekend at a hotel.

I’m here on this cruise, not sitting out on the deck soaking in the sun, but in my room, on my own balcony with my laptop and finishing up a book. I’m here alone, without family, without distraction – unless you consider staring out into the gorgeous sea a distraction.

This is my second time using Vacationstogo.com for a cruise. Both times I’ve saved money on my stateroom and I am very sure that I will use this site again to book any future cruises. If it means I can cruise more because I’ve saved money, I’m in!

How about you – have you used this site (or any other discount site) to book a cruise? Are you as addicted as I am?