I love to cruise – it’s no secret by now. This is my fourth cruise, second this year and I have one more planned at the end of the year (a writing cruise).

Sailing with the Disney Wonder is our second family Disney cruise and everyone – from my husband to my children love it. In fact, my husband talks about sailing more often with Disney in the future – and who am I to say no 😉

Why do I love to cruise? I get to relax. I mean really relax. There’s something about sitting out on the balcony and just listening to the water pass by that souls my soul.

Not only am I relaxing but so is my husband – something he rarely does. He deserves this time too, to sit back, relax and not worry about work.

My children unplug as well. They hate me at first for not getting wireless but with everything the end up doing on the cruise, it’s worth it.

So why with Disney?

I’m a child at heart. I love all things Disney. From the hidden mickeys to the shows and entertainment… there’s always a smile on my face.

Let’s not forget the level of service. Yes, okay – we book concierge, which means something completely different, but still – you’re taken care of here. Your made to feel special and encouraged to relax. As a mom with children – this is huge.

I’m still a newbie when it comes to cruising and there a lot of cruise lines for me to check out still – but when it comes to cruising with my family, Disney will always be #1.

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