Positano. Be prepared to fall in love with this beautiful Italian village the moment you arrive. You’ll wind your way down the stairs towards the ocean and find yourself stopping often. Whether it’s to walk into a shop to chat with the owner or to take one incredible photo after another of the walkways, the flowers or the view of the Mediterranean Sea. 


STAIRS- there are stairs everywhere; hundreds of them.

GARDENS- beautiful purple flowers climb over the many stone walls.  The weather makes for great growing conditions.

BOATS- the sea and village attract beautiful boats and tourist boats all along the coast.

ONE OF A KIND ART- this is a special place to find clothes, art, jewelry, pottery, etc. (I bought a few paintings, a few tops and more…)


  • SWIMMING- there are many beaches of beautiful crystal clear water.
  • SHOPS- you are sure to find something special in the many quaint shops.
  • FOOD- seafood and fresh produce are popular.  Limoncello is a must try and so are the hand-made pastas and delicious lemon pastries that are produced here.
  • ALMAFI DRIVE- this is a famous drive that you can take from a bus, taxi or car.  Of course you can also ride the coastline in a boat.


HAND MADE SANDALS  www.labottegucciapositano.it/ I bought a pair of sandals from here and I love to wear them. I can’t help but smile, knowing I sat in the shop, chatted with the owner while she made my sandals for me.

There are a few places in Positano to buy famous hand-made Positano sandals made by master shoe-makers. It is known that Jacqueline Kennedy bought sandals in Positano as well as many other celebrities.

COOKING CLASSES  http://www.cookingclasspositano.com

Giovanna loves to feed people and cook. She now offers exclusive cooking classes to those who want to share her passion for Italian recipes that are unique to Positano.

HIKING  http://walking-trekking.com/path_gods.htm

The Path of the Gods hike is a “must” for those “outdoorsy” types (maybe one day I’ll do it). This hike goes from Agerola to Positano and takes 5 hours with a 600 meter drop down the hill.  (If you suffer from vertigo this may not be for you). Remember to wear comfortable clothing and shoes!


LA PERGOLA RESTAURANT http://www.bucapositano.it/ristorante-en.html

On the Main Beach of Positano is La Pergola Restaurant. During the day “La Pergola” Restaurant is very informal. At night they offer candlelit romantic dinners.

PALAZZO AVINO http://www.palazzoavino.com/en/Dining

The restaurant choices include; Rossellinis, Terrazza Belvedere, Caffé dell’Arte and the Lobster and Martini bar at the Palazzo Avino Hotel. This is a fine place to visit if you are in the mood for a high-end, luxe meal.

DA ADOLFO http://www.palazzoavino.com/en/Dining

Going here is a little adventure! Wait for a boat ride to collect you from the dock at the beach. You will recognize the boat that has a fish on it. From there, the restaurant is on the coast- only 5 minutes away.  You can sit outdoors at the table and watch the water.

There is only one hand written menu on a chalk board in Italian. You get authentic Italian food here. One dish that is a specialty is “Mozzerella Griglia”. This is a grilled dish that you must try; It is mozzarella in a lemon leaf!


ELISIR DI POSITANO CAFE http://www.elisirdipositanocafe.it

Elisir di Positano Cafe is a cheery yellow cafe. You are sure to find good coffee and salads.


Despite what you may have heard – it is possible to stay in Positano and not kill your budget.

HOTEL ROYAL PRISCO http://www.hotelroyalprisco.com

This hotel is nestled in the hills overlooking the sea. Hotel Royal Prisco is family run. It is close to the city centre and a five to ten minute walk to the sea and the beach.

HOTEL POSEIDON http://www.hotelposeidonpositano.it

Who could resist the terrace overlooking the sea? Hotel Poseidon is close to the beach and has a swimming pool, spa and wellness centre.

LE SIRENS http://sirenuse.it

Enjoy world class service at the hotel and in the Michelen starred restaurant. It is over 600 ft. above sea.  Le Sirenuse has a fitness and wellness centre and an oyster bar.



Il San Pietro is a luxury hotel that has its own private beach and Michelen starred restaurant. There are two bars (one at the beach) and a wonderful pool and wellness spa.