We just got back from our annual family Christmas Disney trip. This time was a little different.

Rather than our three teenagers joining us, our youngest was the only one who came and she brought a friend.

I love Disney. My youngest has always loved Disney too. The smells, the rides, the atmosphere and decorations…going during the holidays is always my favorite.

But when you go with a 15 yr old and let her bring a friend…the excitement, the joy, the smiles when you see your favorite Disney character…they were missing this time.

I didn’t know what to expect, I’ll be honest.

  • I should have been prepared for them being on their phones constantly.
  • I expected that they’d want to go off on their own.
  • I knew but somehow forgot they were teens who stayed up till 4am and thus wouldn’t be thrilled with early morning character breakfasts.
  • They really didn’t want to have their photos taken with whomever wore the costumes.
  • I didn’t walk away with a bazillion photos of my kids enjoying Disney.
  • I’m lucky that I got a few photos of my daughter at all. LOL

With parenting comes stages and I’m never quite prepared for each stage. Most of the stages I experience with my oldest daughter first…but this time, it was with my youngest.

This Disney mom missed her ‘baby’. This Disney mom also can’t wait for her ‘baby’ to grow up out of the teen stage and be excited for Disney again. LOL