One thing I love about traveling is it pushes me beyond my comfort zone. And trust me, I have a lot of comfort zones that I need pushed out of. One such zone was driving in Europe. Specifically – Germany.

I’d read countless blogs about driving in Germany before the trip and after picking up our rental car a few blocks away from the our hotel and seeing how people parked on the sidewalks, I’ll admit, my comfort zone was pushed. Renting a car was easy – I booked through expedia, bought insurance and requested automatic since I can’t drive manual.

BUT…the moment I turned on Google Maps and we started to drive through the city (which really, was like driving through Calgary and NOT like Paris (thank goodness for that), all my concerns eased and I made myself enjoy the drive.

Upon leaving Munich, we drove along the AutoBahn. It’s true, for the majority of the drive, there is no posted speed limit. I averaged around 135-150/km unless the posted limit was mentioned due to small towns or road work. I was surprised at the lack of accidents we found along the highway. Like for the whole week we might have seen 1 or 2…it was crazy. I stayed in the right lane, unless I found myself behind a truck or until I felt more comfortable and passed those that were going slower than me. (I have a bit of a heavy foot so really, driving the AutoBahn was a gift).




This is me driving…and my aunt taking a photo of my speed…yes, you see that right…190km!



We’re on our way to drive the Southern Bavaria Alps route…note: all photos were NOT taken by me – since I was driving and that would be a little ridiculous. My mom or my aunt took all the photos.
2016-10-15-02-58-52One of many little towns we drove by – every town, no matter the size – had a church. 2016-10-15-05-30-29

Growing up with parents who are truck drivers, going on road trips is second nature to me. What I loved about renting a car and just driving is discovering small towns like this one and enjoying the sites! I also couldn’t get over all the blooming flowers despite it being mid October!2016-10-15-05-51-45

On our way to Oberammergau (where the Passion Play was first created and played every 10 years) we discovered a church in the middle of nowhere and on the hill beside the church were these sheep. Now…if you know me, you know I love black sheep. The one looking directly at me ‘talked’ to me for a little while…


Do you recognize this castle? Schloss Neuschwanstein.


I couldn’t get over all the blooms. I have hundreds of photos of flowers but this one makes me smile.

Looking back at my German trip this past October, if you were to ask me what my favorite memory was…it was exactly this…day trip to Southern Bavaria, through the Alps and seeing the countryside. My family is from the region and we also discovered Bailey’s Bavarian Chocolate liquor…

If you’re wondering about driving through Germany…don’t be. Their signs are really clear, the speed is fun and other than small lanes and parking up on sidewalks…you’ll be fine! I do recommend you be comfortable with parallel parking since you’re going to be doing it a lot and be prepared to never find any place to park on streets. But other than that…have fun!