Munich… you feel so comfortable and like ‘home’.

This is something my 15 yr old daughter kept telling me today. I won’t be surprised if she ends up coming back and even staying – which would be perfectly fine with me!

We arrived early afternoon after a very long flight from Western Canada. My number one reason for coming – to experience the Christmas markets here… and what does my daughter do the very first market I see… she rushes me through it! Granted – it was at the airport and all she wanted to do was get on the train and head to our hotel to freshen up.

The transit here in Munich is really simple and easy… just remember to pay for your ticket, get it validated if necessary and keep it on you because there will be at least 2 rounds of security coming through and asking to see it.

The goal for today was very simple – head to the Christmas markets at the Marienplatz, walk around, take some photos, drink some gluhwein and eat before crashing early.

I’d say we were successful!

Did you know the legal drinking age in Germany is 16 yrs? It’s a little disconcerting to have my daughter asked if she would like some wine, beer or spirits at the dinner table.

Let’s talk about the Munich Christmas market:

Be careful about taking photos of the booths – not too many people liked that I would do it – one even asked me to delete the image I took… of a bag of cookies 🙁

They are fashioned into sections – for instance, one part held nativity scenes, one was all angels, one was sausages and baking… they are all decorated so nicely and smell divine… especially when there is wine involved.

The Marienplatz one was crowded. And people didn’t care if they shoved or cut you off. Maybe I’m too much of a nice Canadian… but no one actually apologized to me for cutting me off or bumping into me whereas I was continually saying sorry.

I should stop. LOL. Easy to say, not so easy to do when it’s ingrained in you.

My daughter bought more than I did… amazingly. I found some black sheep (which I absolutely love) whereas she found mitts, socks and a hat.

We decided to end out night a little early – around 7:30pm and stopped at a small little place for dinner. I let my daughter pick… which meant we had fondue. Not exactly the German meal I was hoping for, but at least there is tomorrow.