When you go to Hawaii, you have to do a luau, right? But how do you choose with one to go to? If you are on Oahu, then you might want to consider Paradise Cove.

If you are on Oahu and are considering Paradise Cove, I hope this post will help you in your research. I enjoyed the luau there during a conference I was attending. I really didn’t know what to expect – the only other luau I’ve been to was at Disney World – I had a feeling a few things would be similar but Paradise Cove had so much more to offer.

Location: Ko’Olina, Paradise Cove, Oahu (40 min drive from Oahu depending on traffic)
Price: $85-$156
Length: 5pm-9pm (too long IMO)

What to expect:

A luau is a ceremonial celebration of special occasions, such as a birth, great harvest, a wedding… (in case you were wondering). At Paradise Cove, it’s like you’re part of the family – events are celebrated with food and you’ll enjoy the show they put on afterwards – it’s quite breathtaking.

If you are ready for a treat, then this is it. When you arrive you’ll get leied (which is always something someone wants to say when visiting Hawaii, right?) You then spend the next hour or so going through activities. You can get your picture taken with a parrot (for a fee). You can get a temporary crayon tattoo (for a tip). You can watch a (ahem) sexy young man climb a tree and retried a coconut. You’ll watch boats go out and show how they used to fish. There are some crafts you can take part in. Lots of drinks to buy and a souvenir shop to browse. Then there is the Imu show (where they take the pig from the pit) – and if you want to do your own Imu at home, here’s the link on instructions. The show is really quite exceptional and with the sun setting in the background, it’s quite beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Paradise Cove – a short video taken during the Imu show.

The food is filling and delicious. I’ll admit that I passed on the poi and some of the dessert. But the chicken, pork, salads and the rest was enjoyable – especially considering the large crowds. There are a lot of packages to choose from and when I first looked at this for our family trip in 2015 I was looking at the most expensive package – you sit in a special area, are served rather than standing in line…but unless you are a newly married couple (like one who was celebrating their wedding there ) it’s really not worth the price, IMO.

Now the show….it’s spectacular albeit a little long. If you have young children, I’ll be surprised if they last the whole time. It is fun and entertaining…but it is very very long. The dancing is amazing, the story is touching and the level of skill these dancers possess…it’s worth it to sit there during the lengthly show.


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