There are a few options to get to Venice from the airport – you can take a boat, private taxi or bus. This time we took a bus, but next time, I’d for sure like to take a water taxi. The bus we were on was packed and standing in the middle aisle while suitcases bump up against you was just as delightful as you can imagine. I should have taken a photo of the bruises to prove it.

The water taxi from the bus terminal to Marco square was something I doubt I’ll forget. While it was crowded you still experienced your first magical views of Venice.

off-duty model lookFor a first time visitor to the water city, trying to find our way from Marco square to our hotel was probably a nightmare. I thought I’d planned things out correctly. I had detailed instructions written out, I had a map where I’d drawn the pathway and even had the phone number to call the hotel… but the moment we stepped off the water taxi and stood amongst the crowds, pure panic settled in. I’m sure if I had stood there for a few moments to gather myself, things would have been fine, but thankfully a porter came along and for a mere 20 euro’s he promised to deliver us to our hotel.

My mom and I laughed as we trailed behind the porter – there was no way we could have found the way ourselves – not following his path. After being there a day, yes, it seemed so simple.

We settled into our hotel, had a quick nap (getting up at 4am for our early flight did us in) and then headed out to Marco Square to find some food. We took a quick walk along the square, my mom bought a purse, we listened to a band before the rain started to pour. Not prepared for the weather, we decided to sit at one of the restaurants in the square – a newbie mistake I can see many shaking their heads at. The food was subpar but we sat in front of the square and were able to relax while people watching.

Our second day, the sun shone as we decided get lost in Venice. We followed a general path towards the Rialto bridge, took some photos and then agreed to get lost amongst the streets as we meandered.

I was able to find some postcards to send to members in my reading group, we stopped at a restaurant for a plate of cheese and glasses of wine, came upon a little vendor’s market where I found some old typesetting blocks. My mom’s knee was bothering her so we made our way back to the hotel where she was able to rest. I went out for a walk before heading back and taking my mom to dinner.

Two nights, one full day in Venice was not long enough. I could have stayed a few more days, would have enjoyed getting lost amongst the streets, taking photos of the pigeons in the square and sitting in the square people watching.

One day I’ll go back.