According to the calendar, it’s spring, but someone needs to tell Mother Nature because we got a huge dump of snow last night and it’s put me in the mood to look back over the German Christmas Markets I’d experienced a few years ago.

There’s something about the markets that just calls to me. The crisp air, the mulled wine, the warm chocolate, the desserts and live entertainment….every single aspect of experiencing a Christmas Market I loved.

In fact, I love it so much, that I’m starting to think about returning!

There are a few ways to experience the markets. You can hire a private tour guide to drive you around, you can hop on the train and go from town to town, you can join a bus tour or take a river cruise.

I’ve done the private tour and the train when I was there in 2015 with my middle daughter.

I’d like to do a river cruise next! Maybe it’s the idea of having to only unpack once rather than go from hotel to hotel with a bus tour. Maybe it’s the fact that everything in included in a river cruise – the food, drinks, room, internet, excursions…

I recently had a travel agent friend talk to me about putting together a reader tour for 2019 and I’ve got to admit – I love the idea! I love it so much that I told her to go ahead and start getting quotes!

Yep, you read that right! There’s going to be a Christmas Market Tour in 2019!

Who wants to come? I’d love to for you to join me…and if you would like more information, sign up here…

2019 Christmas Market Tour Sign Up