Imagine a hotel filled to the brim with books. Close to 100,000 to be exact. Let me introduce you to The Literary Man Hotel in Obidos, Portugal!

I keep a general wish list of hotels I’d love to visit, locations I want to explore, towns I can’t wait to get lost in…and the Literary Man Hotel in Obidos, Portugal is now at the top of my list!

The Literary Man Hotel is a 700-year old hotel that is filled to the brim with books! It’s been converted from an 18th century convent, complete with a wine cellar, spa area, restaurant and more.

For this book lover-author-readaholic-travel lover, this is like finding a jewel in a haystack.

According to this website where I read about this hotel, they currently have 45,000 books but their goal is for 100,000. I think I might have a book or two I can donate…

Obidos is about an hour or so out of Portugal. By night you can stay in the Literary Man Hotel and drink a cocktail named after a literary legendĀ and by day you can visit a 700-year old castle that’s close by…sounds like the best kind of day, don’t you?

I don’t have any photos (but when I go, I promise to take some and do a video), but I found this on youtube.


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