Mediterranean Cruise 2015

Visit to the Vatican (5/4/2015) - Following the cruise I decided to spend a night in Rome so I could visit the Vatican. A country within another country. I wish I had mailed myself a postcard from the Vatican City.
Isle of Capri (5/3/2015) - I wanted to enjoy a day to myself on the island, with no tour guides, no fellow cruise travelers… just on my own. That’s exactly what I experienced. It was lovely and soul healing. I took a sort of gondola ride up from the harbour to the top of the island. Next time, I think […]
Santorini Stole a Piece of My Heart (5/2/2015) - You know that feeling when something completely captures your heart and soul? That’s what Santorini did for me. I had a feeling the island would be special – it was probably the one place I was so excited to visit – I’m not sure if it was all the churches with the blue domes or […]