Deep breath. Deep deep breath. And maybe an extra shot of Bailey’s in my coffee.

We’re headed to Disney World in December for our family Christmas vacation and I received a reminder email that tomorrow is the day to start booking dining reservations.


I know some of you out there are probably old pro’s at this by now, but our last trip was carefully orchestrated by a Disney travel agent and she was fan-flipping-fantastic at her job. She made it seem seamless and easy and took all the stress of planning our vacation away.

Since we’re Disney lovers, we decided to bite the bullet and become members of the Disney Vacation Club. We tallied up the costs we’d spent over the past four years of trips we’ve made and kicked ourselves in the pants for not doing it sooner and saving ourselves some money.

Right now there is only one downfall for doing this. No more Stephanie helping me plan this trip. Which truly shouldn’t be a big deal…except I should be writing/revision (aka working on my novel) but instead I’m trying to schedule our days so I can figure out where we want to eat thanks to the Dining Plan that we purchased (for a family of 5 it works out to costing about $75/day which to me is a great deal considering I have a few family members who get very hangry (hunger/angry) when they don’t get to eat (and grabbing a hot dog or sausage for a meal doesn’t always cut it).

Now, I do realize that I can call the agents from the vacation club and have them schedule all my dining requests…but I have to figure out those requests and schedule first, right? Why, oh why did I leave this to the last day! ACK.

The Disney Dining blog offers some great advice for people like me!

IF you have ANY advice for me…please let me know! I’m trying to use our last trip there as a guideline which is helping but still…next time I’ll make a note to not leave this so last minute. I should know better by now 😉