While researching the Christmas Markets in Germany I constantly heard that that the Nuremberg market was one not to be missed.

Now, maybe it was that we were there during the day (and I seem to really enjoy the magical feel of the markets at night) and on a Saturday, or maybe it was the fact that I had a grumpy teenager who didn’t appreciate the early morning and didn’t want to do ‘another market’… or the fact I needed more sleep myself and more coffee… a lot more coffee.

Either way, I wasn’t finding this market to be as ‘magical’ as I thought I would. For one, it was beyond crowded (very hard to walk between the rows and when I stopped to look at displays, I would keep getting pushed out of the way).

That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy this market.

There were specific things I was looking forward to… like the fig people… and I’m very glad we went. Our guide (Kevin) dropped us off so he could find a parking spot and my daughter and I walked along the market and shopped. I drank some more gluwhein, bought a few ornaments and gifts and then once we found our guide, we went on a small walk around the Old Town.

We went into a christmas shop and I found a black sheep 🙂 That in itself made me happy. I also ate more gingerbread!

I would love to visit Nuremberg again, to walk along the streets, to see the caste, to eat sausage. The town itself is lovely. Kevin took us to some unique photo opportunities – like the view of the old hospital located along the water (so glad I got a photo of this) or to the hangman’s bridge where he showed us a tower where the hangmen used to live. The scene was gorgeous!

While in Nuremberg we also toured the Nazi grounds where Hitler used to stand and address his troops and we saw a brief glimpse into the documentation centre where we were shown the scope of what Hitler’s grand plans were in regards to buildings etc.

We were able to leave a little earlier than planned, which was a good thing considering the crowded roads, and made our way to Regensberg. My daughter slept on the way while Kevin shared some local history and answered questions for me as we drove down the autobahn.

One day, I’ll be back. One day.