It was like a dream come true, my very own slice of heaven on earth. A medieval town in Belgium with more chocolate shops than I could taste-test in a day.I decided to spend two days (one night) in Bruge. The train from Paris was fairly easy – with one stop over in Brussels where I almost lost my purse (with my passport). Arriving at the train station I took a taxi to my hotel – The Pand – we drove through the old market where I was glued to my window as I stared at all the chocolate and lace shops along the way.

The Pand Hotel was amazing and luxurious with welcome chocolate on my pillows and champagne for breakfast (but that is for another post).

Let’s get to the important stuff.

Bruge. The land of the chocolate shops. My slice of heaven.

I went into every chocolate shop I passed and bought one piece of chocolate (or taste tested what they offered). I marvelled at all the creations, from baby chicks to smurfs to amazing eggs (did I mention I was there close to Easter?) and of course drank all the chocolate I could as well. I came home with enough drinking chocolate to last me…well, not as long as I’d thought if I’m being honest (le sigh).

This town is amazing and I want to go back. I need to go back. I need to experience this slice of heaven once again. Note to self: wear better shoes this time. The streets are all cobbled and not great when wearing flats, no matter how comfortable you may think they are or how great they look with your outfit.

In between chocolate shop tours, I took a horse carriage ride around the town, saw the convent, walked through courtyards and parks, took a boat ride and ate waffles and drank Fruli – a belgium beer. I walked through the streets, visited the chocolate museum, bought some paintings from a local artist, enjoyed the sound of the church bells…I fell in love with this town and it’s on my list of places to return to. Bruges grunge rubber stamp

What could you do for a day in Bruge? You mean OTHER than visit all the chocolate shops? 

  • Brugge is a small town. You could literally walk from one end to the other in under an hour. But don’t. Take your time, take in the sites.
  • Visit the chocolate factory – Choco Story
  • Take a canal tour. Have your camera ready…
  • Visit Church of our Lady.
  • Eat waffles. Drink Belgium Beer.
  • Explore the market square.
  • Take in all the lace…it’s gorgeous. Buy yourself a runner or hand towel.
  • Don’t feel guilty about all the chocolate you’ll eat…that’s why you’re there, right?
  • Buy postcards – send one to yourself, send a few to family or friends. You’ll get the Bruge stamps on it.
  • Try different kinds of beer.
  • Walk. Walk. Walk. Get lost in the streets, leave the map back at your hotel room. Just enjoy the day!