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Exploring the World, One City at a Time

London, Paris, Rome, Hawaii or the gorgeous small towns in Canada, it doesn’t matter. If there’s a coffee shop, some chocolate to nibble on and sites to see, I’m there!

You’ll always find me with a notebook close by, a cup of coffee and my camera, trying to see the world in a different light.


Travel History


Let’s see…England, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, USA and of course, Canada.

My favorite cities so far:
Paris, Venice, Positano, Bavaria region,
the whole state of Hawaii…
anywhere Disney is…let’s keep adding to the list!




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Steena's Favorite Travel Itineraries

One of my favorite things to do is plan an itinerary for my trips. Whether it’s visiting Paris again, heading to Rome and wandering the streets or taking the train to a new destination – I always have an itinerary in place.

My Recent Trips

In May I headed to Europe on a trip with one of my daughters. 
Our destinations: London, Disneyland Paris, Paris, Rome and then Florence.




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