I love to travel but the one thing I love the most about my trips is the preparation for it… all the research that comes before I actually head to the airport.

The idea to travel to Germany during the Christmas season came to me at around 2am when I was plotting my latest novel. At first I pushed the idea to the side – I’ve done a lot of traveling this year – from Italy to Hawaii – so the idea of being able to afford another trip seemed like a fantasy until I took a look at my travel budget and realized… if I was smart and budgeted accordingly, I could possibly do this.

Surprisingly, after some searching, I was able to find a hotel in Munich that was not only affordable but it gave me a taste of the Bavarian culture (I can’t wait to see it in person). My flights are all through points… even with enough to spare to bring my one daughter with me (she’s been talking about going to Germany for a few years now).

Have you ever looked at the Christmas markets in Germany? If you haven’t… do a quick Google search right now. But be prepared… you’ll find yourself wanting to come with me!

There are lists upon lists of the best markets to go to…I think we’re hitting about half of them in the Bavarian region. My daughter is worried that we’ll be ‘sick and tired’ of the markets by the time we’re done but helloooo… it’s Christmas… a season I love… and it’s outdoor markets. There’s gingerbread and mulled wine and Christmas music and….

I can’t wait 🙂