This will be short and sweet. So you are headed to Paris for a vacation and you’re wondering if you should tip…right?

Tip and bill on a gray restaurant table

I know I did. I researched, I asked questions and still remained a little confused.

In fact, despite all my research both times I went to Paris, I would always forget if I should tip or not and nine times out of ten I’d end up leaving 15% behind for the server. They probably loved me (or knew I was a tourist and enjoyed the extra money).

I’ll keep this simple…when in Paris (or anywhere else in France) – NO, you do not need to leave a tip.

Your tip as well as your taxes will all ready be included in your bill.

NOW, that being said…what you should do is round your bill up and leave the appropriate change. Leave an extra 1 euro or 2 (or more depending on the bill). So if your wine and cheese plate or cafe and croissant comes to 8 euro, pay ten euros and leave the change. Don’t leave the tip on your credit card slip – the server probably won’t receive that, so instead, leave a few coins on the table.

If the idea of not tipping really bothers you, feel free to leave a customary 5-10% of your bill…nothing more.

When in Paris, do as Parisians do. Linger over that coffee. Enjoy every bite of your croissant. Don’t rush off to the next tourist attraction you’re excited to see. The longer the wait for your meal, the better. Your server will not be fast, rushed or even hurry you out…linger, sit back and people watch.