Sleeping in haunted hotels in Paris and Germany was not something I had on my list of ‘experiences’. In fact, sleeping in haunted hotels, homes, barns or anywhere else has never really been on any of my ‘must-do’ lists at all.

Trust me when I say if I had known, I wouldn’t have booked the hotels. It’s not that I’m afraid of ghosts, or that I believe/don’t believe in them…it’s just that I’d prefer to sleep well and not be bothered…you know?

The first hotel in Paris wasn’t bad. There was a feeling of being watched…but I slept somewhat well (the bed was very hard). But hotel number 2…well, that was something completely different.

Let me begin by saying this…at no time while in Paris, did my mother, my aunt or myself mention our experiences with one another. It wasn’t until we were sharing a bottle of Bailey’s Bavarian Chocolate that we started to talk about our experiences that it all made sense (at least, I think it was over Bailey’s…).

St James Albany in Paris is a beautiful hotel. It’s located directed across from the Jardin des Tuileries and on Rue de Rivoli. What’s important to remember however is it’s close proximity to Angelina’s – once I found that out, I actually squealed (it’s very true). It’s a 4 star hotel and known to be ‘upscale’ and I was able to snag one of their apartments at a discount (they have their prices listed at the hotel and I had a moment of sticker shock when I realized how much one normally pays for the two bedroom apartment we had…I love scoring a deal with hotels!). I’ll post a review shortly with video etc…

So…it’s a beautiful hotel. We had a really nice and spacious apartment. My mom and aunt slept in one room and I slept in another. Our rooms weren’t close, in fact, my room was located down one of the halls with the kitchen, toilette and closet area separating us.

My aunt felt she was being watched from the doorway all night.

My mom would often stop breathing in the middle of the night. My aunt was a little worried and my mom later said she felt like someone was sitting on her chest.

Myself? Well…every morning I would wake up with a girl of maybe 10 years watching me. Once I was awake, she would giggle and then run down hallway towards a closed door. I remember her giggle and the sound of her footsteps fading…nothing scary, just made me miss my kids.

Then there was Germany. Rothenburg to be exact. Hotel BurgGartenpalais. Again, a beautiful hotel, once a palace, right close to the historic gates (and more on the hotel, review etc later).

We only stayed for one night. Again, we were all in separate rooms. Earlier in the evening my mom had come into my room asking for one of my extra pillows. Because I love my mom (of course) and because I had lots of pillows, I was more than happy to share.

But then, all throughout the night, I kept getting woken up by a hand squeeing my toes. It happened three or four times. The hand would squeeze my toes and at first I thought it was my mom asking for my pillow. I love her, but I wasn’t about to give up my last pillow to her so I pulled my foot away and said no.  This happened over and over and by the last time, when my foot was again squeezed, I kicked my foot out and said ‘just let me sleep’.

I asked my mom the following morning why she kept coming in for my pillow…except, she didn’t. But I swear, a hand squeezed my foot multiple times throughout the night. I wish I could blame it on bad dreams or that I’d drank a lot that night…but I can’t.

At least I didn’t wake up screaming in terror – like what you’d see on Supernatural or something, right?

By the way…talking about Supernatural…have you seen this yet? (it makes me smile)

What about you? Have you ever slept in a hotel hotel? I know there are many such places in the US where you can book rooms and experience a night of terror.