There’s nothing quite like a luxury spa experience in Banff at the Fairmont Springs Hotel. If you’re looking for luxury, pampering and a day of ‘ahhh’, this is the place. At least, I thought so. My teenage daughter – not so much.

I have three teenage daughters. My oldest graduated from high school and instead of going to her grad, she wanted to have a weekend away. Considering I did the exact same thing when I graduated from high school, I was all for it. I planned the perfect weekend and it was all I could think about for weeks.

First, we would head to Lake Louise and stay the night at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. We’d walk around the lake, enjoy the paths, sit in front of a fire at night and embrace being out in such a beautiful area. We’d watch movies that night, sleep in, enjoy a breakfast looking out over the gorgeous late and then head into Banff where we’d pick up fudge and candy and eat a BeaverTail before spending the night at the Banff Fairmont Springs Hotel.

I booked spa reservations for us both. At first, I wanted to go all out – manicure, pedicure, facial and massage. I ended up getting a massage while my daughter got her first facial. I had wanted us to go at least three hours early to enjoy the #1 rated spa in 2015 but my daughter wasn’t on the same page as me. So instead, we went an hour early, enjoyed the spa pools and then the massage.

I learned a lot about my daughter that weekend.

One, while she likes taking photos, she’s not too keen on doing it while enjoying nature. While I wanted to walk around the lake, follow the paths, she just wanted to stand in front of it and pose.

Two, she giggles after 1/4 of her alcoholic drink. Now that she’s legal age, she wants to enjoy having a glass or two here and there. She hasn’t quite made it to finishing a full glass yet and she giggles a lot when she does drink.

Three, she is not a spa person. Period. She didn’t particularly appreciate that people were getting changed in the locker room, or that it was a co-ed pool area or that people would actually be touching her skin. Needless to say, she won’t be getting a facial again any time soon.

Four, she’s technically still a teenager even though she’s also an adult now and while I pulled out my laptop at night to write, she just wanted to play video games. Nor could we agree on a movie to watch.

Five, her idea of hiking is walking down the main street of Banff. Now, I’m not a big hiker either but I do enjoy it when I can and there were a few times I would have loved to take a little hike but couldn’t convince her to join me.

Bottom line – the next time I want to do a spa weekend in Banff, I will take a girlfriend or go by myself.

The spa at the Fairmont Springs is amazing. The Willow Stream┬áspa “is a sanctuary where the purity of oxygen intoxicates, strengthens and revitalizes both body and mind. Surrounded by mountain vistas, ancient glaciers and emerald waters, the Willow Stream offers a serene location guaranteed to restore balance & energy.”

Image courtesy of Banff Spa and Resort at Fairmont Springs

The waterfall whirlpool treatments (3 in total) are amazing and then the pool itself…even if you decide NOT to do a massage or other service, pay the extra (it’s only $69 for guests and $79 for the day) to enjoy the pools themselves. I walked away rejuvenated, relaxed and pampered.

I can’t wait to go back.

Oh, and what’s a BeaverTail? Why, my friend, it’s absolutely the most delicious thing you can ever taste! I get one every time I’m in Banff. Basically, it’s fried dough smothered with butter and topped with whatever your heart images. My favorite is cinnamon sugar. My daughter likes icing and crushed cookies.

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