There was one thing my daughter requested as a ‘must do’ while on our trip – visit a concentration camp. This has always been something on my own list and I was pleased to share the experience with my daughter.

I’ve read various stories of people who have visited the camps throughout the years and there has always been one common observation that I have to agree with, now that I’ve been.

There is a heaviness in the air, a weight that settles within your soul as you walk through the gate – something I wasn’t quite expecting.

We walked through the memorial with our tour guide (we used… Kevin C. is our tour guide for the next few days) and I’m very thankful that we had someone with us who could answer our questions and give us some great background info into the camp, how it came to be, how it was used etc.

I took a few photos of the area, photos for me to remember that I was there, to look back and remember the stories I read… I don’t ever want to forget this history.

Following the camp, we went on a tour of Munich.

I was expecting age old buildings full of history and beauty but we quickly realized that most of what you see in Munich are buildings that were rebuilt after the war.

I was expecting our time here to be cold… but the weather is quite lovely, even if overcast. There is still green grass (no snow) and it’s almost hard to remember that it’s Christmas time!

Now… traveling with a teenager can be interesting, to say the least… right? So far, so good – except for the fact that instead of going to the winter market in Tollwood (the same grounds where Octoberfest is held), we ended up at a mall. Yes… a mall. We returned to our hotel with two heavy bags of clothes because someone (I won’t say who) forgot to pack properly. LOL.

I’m a little amazed and relieved at how ‘safe’ I feel here. Even my daughter feels that way. We’ve had no problems navigating the trains and trolley’s and even walking from the train to our hotel (10 min walk) in the dark. I’m sure a lot has to do with the area we are in (Nyphemberg).

Also… a little trivia here… did you know that Munich basically shuts down at 8pm? Stores, malls, grocery stores etc all close. So weird, right?

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