I’m in Vancouver right now for my book tour. You’d think finding a coffee shop here would be easy, especially considering I’m right downtown. 

Maybe I’m just not looking in the right areas.

I wanted a unique, distinctive coffee shop. Not Starbucks or Second Cup. I wanted to try different blends, to bask myself in the aroma of the beans, to set my body on hyper-drive from all the caffeine.

Sadly…I haven’t made that happen yet.

I have limited hours in between my book signings to take some time and breathe. The other day, I decided to walk along the sea wall in Vancouver. I brought up my map on my phone and smiled with glee when I saw there were a few speciality shops along the walk.

Put yourself in my shoes for a moment. It’s a glorious day out, beautiful, sun is warming my skin, there’s a light breeze and I’m breathing in the smells of the ocean. I’m in my happy place. Purse swinging at my side, my steps light and free…

I walked a long time. Almost to Stanley Park before turning around, hoping to find some shade.

And no coffee. None. Zippo. Squat.

Insert sad face here.

I left the gorgeous seawall with its fountains and house boats and splash park to walk along the tree shaded streets. I found an organic grocery shop with coffee a few block along my walk. Thankfully! LOL

I even found some beans to bring home. I have a few more hours today and so my quest is to go the opposite direction and hopefully find a few more shops where I can bask, sip and be in my happy place.

Wish me luck!