Ahh…Santorini. Your crystal blue seas, gorgeous sun sets, amazing walkways and wine. I’d love to return and stay for longer than the six hours I had on your blissful island. I love to cruise, because it takes me to locations I never would have thought to experience. Santorini is one of those. Not only did I fall in love with the tranquil island but I want to return and spend days there with my husband.

I never thought I’d ever be a solo traveller – did I ever mention that? I never thought I had the guts to do it by myself but I did. And I will again. But, I also want to explore the world with those I love at my side.

Selfie in Santorini…

There were a lot of things I did during my short time on the island. I took a tour and we drove around and I daydreamed about owning a vacation property here. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Maybe we’ll start with renting first though…

There were a lot of things I noticed. For instance…this blurry image below is of a vineyard. Their grapes grow in a basket shape, really close to the ground, which makes sense since it’s so dry and barren. There are numerous vineyard you can tour on the island and enjoy the day. Be warned…they have their own specific taste and I found it very dry!

my blurry photo of a vineyard 

After touring the island, we ended our trip with a stop at one of the Wineries. Santos Winery.

It’s a really quaint little place with a lovely shop and breathtaking views of the Caldera. My pocketbook came out as my shopping cart filled up with mementos and different dessert wines 🙂

Loved this…I pictured the scene with Lucy as she stomped on grapes….
anyone else have that image in their head?

One of the best things about this stop was the wine tasting. I feel the need to repeat, that I’m pretty picky when it comes to wine and I’m the last person you should ever ask advice on what to buy or try. I tend to stick to my favorites (which are basically sweet rieslings from Germany) although I am trying to branch out and even found myself enjoying a nice glass of red with a steak…gasp!

We tried a variety of wines – from red, white, sparkling and dessert. I enjoyed the dessert wines but found even the white to be bone dry – truth be told, they probably weren’t but my taste buds aren’t as sophisticated as the normal wine drinker.


This is the dessert wine I particularly enjoyed…and “might” have had a few extra glasses
to make sure I really did enjoy it. lol