The 17-mile drive along the California coast is known to be one of the most beautiful road trips you could take in California. It’s a winding road along the Pacific coast that is calling out to the wanderlust in this author’s heart.

And in 7 weeks I’ll be cruising along that highway, making a lot of pitstops to take photos, walk along the coastline and let the peace of the waves fill my soul.

But before I go, I’m researching the wajeebies out of this drive. Why? I don’t want to miss anything nor do I want to waste time when there’s something else or someplace else I could be.

The starting point for me is San Francisco where I’ll be arriving for a one day writing retreat. I’m coming early however so I can do some exploring. Most would want to stay in San Francisco, right? And normally I would agree – except I’ll be coming back with my husband for our 20th anniversary.

Now – how am I researching?

By reading travel blogs, of course. My end goal is Carmel where I can find a quaint hotel and can do some writing (on a bit of a deadline so I can’t play all the time while I’m away). I’m not looking to stay at your typical hotel however. This time I’d like something quaint, boutique, something that will spark my writing creativity while feeding my soul. That shouldn’t be too hard to find, right?

Some sights I’m using are below. I’ve spent hours all ready looking at hotels, maps, reading reviews, looking at itineraries, discovering why Carmel is so amazing and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

Carmel’s 17-Mile Drive: How to Make the Most of it

17 Things to Do on the 17 Mile Drive

San Francisco to Carmel: A Nature Filled California Road Trip

A guided tour of Carmel


Have you driven this? Was there anything you think I should know? Places to see? Places to miss? Any suggestions on where to stay? I’d love to hear it!