One of our first stops for my Christmas Market River Cruise is Cologne, Germany.

Cologne Christmas Market

I can’t wait to visit this town! There are several markets within the city that you can visit. With the cruise, there is a guided city tour of Cologne where we will visit one of the largest cathedrals in Europe (it was damaged during WWII but the 2 spires never fell off) as well as have some free time to explore the markets and see the largest Christmas Tree in Rhineland.

I doubt we’ll be able to explore ALL the Christmas Markets in Cologne but I wanted to tell you about a few of them:
  • COLOGNE CATHEDRAL CHRISTMAS MARKET is one of the main markets is located in front of the Cathedral – with close to 150 stands in the Roncalliplatz.
  • ALTSTADT MARKET is one I REALLY want to see within the Old Town area. I found this description which makes it seem all the more magical: This market is located in the Cologne’s ‘Altstadt’ (the old town) on the Alter Markt and calls itself the Home of the Heinzelmännchen (who were little creatures from a Cologne legend who used to do all the housework until they were annoyed by an inquisitive housewife).
  • THE ANGELS’ MARKET is located just outside the city centre (in the Neumarkt square) but it’s one of the original markets you really might not want to miss out on.
  • HARBOR CHRISTMAS MARKET is fairly new, but the Hafen Weihnachtsmarkt is on the banks of the Rhine in the grounds of the Chocolate Museum (which of course means I really want to check it out!)
Wondering HOW to see all these markets?

In Cologne, there is a Christmas Market Express – a really quaint train/bus/sleigh that drives through the streets so you can visit more than one Christmas Market. In fact – there are four stops you can take on this journey, a pick up time happening every 15 minutes. (the round trip timeframe is about an hour – so even if you don’t feel like stopping at the markets, you can visit the city!)

Departures every 15 minutes
Duration of the Trip:
Between the individual Stops: 15 minutes
Round-Trip: 60 minutes
Prices: Round trip 10€ (children up to ten years 5€), Single trip 3€

Love Nativity Scenes?

On my first trip to Germany, I visited a small town famous for it’s hand-carved nativity scenes. Since then, I’m addicted! In Cologne, there are close to 110 scenes you can explore. Keep an eye within shop windows, by churches, cultural sites and more. If you are really interested – here is a link for guided tours or do it yourself.

The countdown is on and I can’t wait!